Computer to Ps Plate

8 up ctp system for effective plate production

Ctp system with laset viotlet technology to expose with above quality & speed

Producctivity for 8up,4up and 2 up plates

High speed & high resolution

High efficency and silver plates from every plate supplier, ready for chemistry free

In focus for differnt plate thickness (.15mm -.03mm)


Resolution 1800 to 3000 dpi

Lpi upto 250 lpi depent on plate

Fm Screen avaliable

Maximum plate size 1050mmx850 mm

Miniumum plate size 500mmx400mm

Image Setter – High speed and high-resolution image-setting perfection, using uncompromising high dot quality and accuracy

Team of professional designers,

Multicolor sheetfed and web printing machines.



A high-end scanner – Cezzane from Heidelberg and Screen SG8060P MarkII from Dai Nippon Printing to obtain higher degree of colour accuracy and precision.

Eventually, latest versions of all graphics software like Adobe PhotoShop , llustrator, Corel Draw , Quark Express are employed on these inputs to get myriad magical effects which are undreamed.

We are equipped to handle most advanced systems PC & MAC which produce new morph to deliver outputs of global standards and the highest levels of creativity and our people are continuously trained in the latest technology to deliver the results.

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Prepress Facilities  

High End Work Stations
High-end systems from Creo Scitex for retouching, colour correction, manipulation etc. with high level of accuracy.

Front End
High end Macs and PCs with original softwares of latest versions. Most of the Macs are equipped with 1GB RAM and 60GB HDD, where PCs are having 512 MB RAM and 40GB HDD.

Copy Dot Scanner
Renaissance II Plus from Creo Scitex to integrate film, and reflected copy into a fully digital workflow, by converting halftone film separations into their digital equivalent.

Electronic Imposition
Preps software and Brisque RIP workflow used to impose the digital files through software as per job planning and producing single flat as output, resulting in accuracy, swift work and client satisfaction.

Digital Proofing
We are equipped with EPSON 5000, 7000 & 9000 Digital Proofers. All proofers are capable to print with resolution of 1440 dpi. These machines are calibrated with our printing standard.

Colour Management System
We are using Gretag Macbeth H/w & S/w for accurate colour reproduction as per the customer’s needs. It maintains colour consistency and standardization throughout the Prepress and printing process.

Renderview Remote Proofing
A time-saving, interactive service for clients to amend or approve proofs even from their own locations, through the internet. This unique feature is backed by high-resolution viewing, proofing, high speed and anytime access.

Cip 3
A digital ink management software, supplying digital ink profiles to the printing press, cutting down make-ready time.

CTP Using Silver Digi-Plates
An innovative feature that gives first generation dots on plate and produces sharper images, by exposing directly on to silver Digi plate.

Wide Area Network
All our Units/Sales Offices are connected with ISDN/High bandwidth leased lines to transfer digital data from one location to another for better service.

Battery of flatbed machines for wet proofing.